Our Approach to Helping You With Your Gadget Repair Needs

The LCDs or displays are the most expensive parts of a phone. Most repair shops cut corners on LCDs and use fake ones because they are cheaper. This compromises the user’s safety.

At iRepair, we repair the original LCDs, even if it takes more time. Our team uses factory equipment and excellent technology. We would not sell you something we do not want to use on our own gadgets.

We Fix It Right

  • Broken Power Buttons – Most repairs get done in 30 minutes.
  • Ruined Screen – This is our specialty! We use original screens, not aftermarket ones, which are fake. These are low quality and can hurt your eyes.
  • Water Damage – Most water-damage repair will take more than three days. We clean it with a special formula and put it through a machine to dry.

Set an Appointment With Us

To make sure we can accommodate you on a time that you choose, please schedule an appointment. We can provide you with a free diagnostic and estimate at our shop.